Health coaching that celebrates women…

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…because you’re worth it!


Align Your Mind

  • Calm the “monkey-chatter” by resting in the knowledge that you are good enough

  • Rewrite your mental script  by affirming your worth and celebrating your wins

Align Your Body

  • Eat only cheerful food by counting colors not calories

  • Move and groove by finding physical activities that bring you joy

Align Your Spirit

  • Fill your heart by connecting with Spirit

  • Surround yourself with love by connecting with like-minded people who cheer you on

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Are you ready to celebrate your worth?

Hi I'm Kathy Baumann. My primary goal is to help you make a connection between you're worth and your wellness. Why are worth and wellness so important to me? Because of the constant chase after worth, my wellness deteriorated to the point that I was homebound. But, I was able to build again. By aligning with my true worth, I found a true sense of wholeness and wellness. Now, I feel happier and healthier than I have in years.

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The Support You Need

I work with women like you to create a practical wellness plan that nourishes your mind, body and spirit, providing you with support and cheering you along the whole way.